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I promise not to paraphrase Churchill

by on January 2, 2013

I never really missed Eve while SKNK was off doing other things, but I did miss what it brought out in us. As Monk said, we looked for other games, but nothing ever “grabbed” us in the way Eve can. We’re the kind of people that need a large and complex sandbox in which to push the limits. Minecraft held our attention the longest, but we hit the ceiling rather quickly there and moved on. For all the disappointments, annoyances, and outright hostility we’ve had with the game, it has made it very difficult for us to play anything else for long.

I’ve been asked a number of times recently why we do what we do. I won’t speak for anyone but myself here; the other scumbags of the internet can justify their own actions. As for me, the reasons are twofold:

1) Anyone can shoot things in Eve. I find it far more satisfying to outsmart other players, be it through scams, thefts, spying, or finding clever ways to kill them. We’re playing a competitive game and I’m playing to win the best way I know how: by being smarter than the other guys playing it.

2) I abhor the way some people see the game. Don’t misunderstand me: I’m not saying every carebear should abandon missions and come fight me. If you enjoy doing missions, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. What I object to is people who spend years grinding away at PvE, treating wallet totals like they’re a high score, and doing nothing to interact with the larger game universe beyond contributing to runaway inflation that affects the rest of us.

In short,  I want to see everyone who plays Eve get smarter and more involved. I want to see people learn to stop making stupid mistakes and become a part of the game rather than grinding at it like it’s a job. If all you want to do is shoot digital space ships to acquire a high score, Galaga never gets old.

You want an example of stupid? Shortly after the release of Retribution I was roaming around with a suspect flag when two Drake pilots decided to engage me. I had 10 seconds left on my timer and by the time the second one had me locked, the timer was up. I guess he really wanted in on the fight, because this guy turned off his safeties and opened fire on me, invoking the wrath of Concord and granting me killrights. Rareden, being Rarden, managed to jump in on the kill along with me. As I’m unable to find the kill on BC at the moment, I must assume he never posted it.

The other Drake managed to deaggress and dock and we decided to hunt down my aggressor and make him pay for his crimes. I found him a few systems over running missions in a new Drake. This guy was so out of it he completely ignored my appearance in the deadspace. He finally tried to run when I activated my killrights and pointed him…but then it was just a matter of waiting for the rest of the Skunks to show up so we could all get in on the fun.

I’m a reformed carebear. I ran missions. I salvaged. I mined. I explored, got into wormholes, and learned to fight. I stopped mindlessly going from one grind to the next, looking for an endgame that doesn’t exist. Now my mission is to pull as many others along with me as I can, to teach them to think and act outside the scripted expectations of CCP and to make them a part of the community rather than people who just play the same game at the same time.

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