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Seriously, don’t mine during a war.

by on January 11, 2013

In my last post I said that I get my thrills from outsmarting other players. That can mean something as simple as baiting a mission runner into shooting a PVP ship or scamming some random sucker out of his isk. But the best times are those in which you catch someone who fancies themselves clever enough to avoid being caught.

This brings me to the opening shot of a recent wardec. Upon scouting a pair of targets that were located in space, I found them mining with a hulk and an orca. I came charging in and warped direct to the belt, landing just in time to see the orca warp away. By the time I realized it hadn’t warped directly to their home station, it was too late to go after. Thinking I’d scared the Orca pilot into hiding for the duration of the war, I left an alt behind to watch them and moved on to hunt other targets…

…only to find the Orca back in space, this time with a retriever as well as the hulk. I watched them for a bit, then took another run at them and watched the Orca warp to a planet. D-scan told me it then proceeded to warp from there to the station. Why? I have no idea. But these guys were feeling pretty smug, dodging me twice and making noise about it in local. I logged out in the next system and decided to come back later.

When I came back, they were at it again. The orca was out in the same belt, happily mining away. This time when I came through the gate, I watched the orca. It aligned to planet 5, and I warped there. I was waiting when he landed less than 3km away from me.

Cyrpia > how are you here

That has become my new favorite quote. They had no idea how I knew where they’d be. Psychotic Monk happened to show up just as things got going and joined the fight; a good thing, too, as the Orca had a warp core stablizer and could have escaped had he not arrived with an extra point just in time. We smashed the Orca and this corp have been my personal toys ever since.

They’re afraid of us now and though we’ve had a few fights, I’ve yet to tempt them away from the safety of the station. So I’ve been building up their confidence, fighting as many people as they can field by myself. There’s not a specific plan here, just me conditioning them on the off-chance that I can make something happen in the future.

Some of you mine for tears. Some of you just like to blow stuff up. For me, it’s getting people to do what I want, and think it’s their idea.

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