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Just another day at the office

by on January 17, 2013

About three days ago I got up to my usual shenanigans. I dropped a couple of applications to corps without talking to anyone in the corp about it and, lo and behold, was accepted into one. That’s always a nice suprise, but what really set my butthole a-tingle was talk of a mining op and the map revealing seven people from the corp in space!


Unfortunatly for me, the character I was doing the work with was both very new and in a thrasher. The golden standard of the newbie destroyer is the catalyst, but I’m the sort to mix it up and so I was only able to bring about 150 dps to the party.


With so many people in space and some talk of guard ships, I didn’t know what to expect and so dragged along my good friend and fellow blogger FloppieTheBanjoClown in a basilisk. I landed to find a Hulk and an Orca along with a smattering of lesser mining barges and a couple Ventures.


So I got to work, pointing and killing the Hulk and laying point on the Orca and starting to get to work.


The pub channel the corp was using quickly buzzed with anger.


  • [ 2013.01.14 03:29:27 ] Aven Valkyr > Jelena Ostus .. PIRATE

[ 2013.01.14 03:29:31 ] Aven Valkyr > HE IS CORP KILLING US

[ 2013.01.14 03:29:32 ] Dark Djinn > That; is the problem with recruiting random people.

[ 2013.01.14 03:29:53 ] StarReign > say what?

[ 2013.01.14 03:30:01 ] Dark Djinn > Not your fault; theres nothing you can do honestly.

[ 2013.01.14 03:30:06 ] StarReign > we have a mutiny?

[ 2013.01.14 03:30:06 ] Destropia > low standings

[ 2013.01.14 03:30:07 ] Wescro > kill the thrasger?

[ 2013.01.14 03:30:12 ] Jelena Ostus > You could have checked me out.

[ 2013.01.14 03:30:23 ] Jelena Ostus > I have corp kills on my killboard.

[ 2013.01.14 03:30:37 ] Impex Avalon > Let me goooo

[ 2013.01.14 03:30:38 ] Impex Avalon > 😦

[ 2013.01.14 03:30:44 ] Impex Avalon > My orca is my baby

[ 2013.01.14 03:30:46 ] Jelena Ostus > Pay me.

[ 2013.01.14 03:30:49 ] Jelena Ostus > 300m


The Orca pilot agreed to pay, but seemed to be having trouble finding the ‘Give Money’ button. Instead, a Cerberus lands and starts shooting me. A few other things land, including a Drake and a couple of frigs. Luckily, reps are holding and I manage to keep chewing on the Orca. I have an incredibly low amount of dps and this is taking a really long time, though. I’m concerned that a blackbird might land and then it’s all over for me.


I really dislike having to let a victim warp away. It’s super embarrassing.


Meanwhile, corp chat is still a flurry of activity.


[ 2013.01.14 03:34:00 ] StarReign > DONT GIVE HIM SHIT

[ 2013.01.14 03:34:07 ] StarReign > LET HIM HAVE NOTHING

[ 2013.01.14 03:34:10 ] Aven Valkyr > one sec I have to sell my ship

[ 2013.01.14 03:34:21 ] Aven Valkyr > no buyers in ohma I have to go to jita 😦

[ 2013.01.14 03:34:26 ] Wescro > sorry my drake is in Jita….damn

[ 2013.01.14 03:34:28 ] StarReign > DUDE I RATHER GIVE U 700m THAN GIVE HIM A CENT

[ 2013.01.14 03:34:38 ] Impex Avalon > 😦

[ 2013.01.14 03:34:40 ] Wescro > Jelena Ostus be reasonable we are not pirates we will pay you

[ 2013.01.14 03:34:47 ] Jelena Ostus > Tick tock.

[ 2013.01.14 03:34:51 ] Wescro > GUYS RUSH IN HERE IN ANYTHING

[ 2013.01.14 03:34:56 ] Jelena Ostus > Sure you will.  But you’d best do it soon.

[ 2013.01.14 03:34:58 ] Wescro > hes gonna take a while to break the hulk

[ 2013.01.14 03:35:02 ] Wescro > the hull

[ 2013.01.14 03:35:35 ] Jelena Ostus > 2/3 hull.  Lucky for you this alt has very few sp.

[ 2013.01.14 03:35:45 ] Wescro > Youre just pathetic



Finally I finish breaking the Orca


A damage control would have made that Orca nearly twice as tanky as it was, and would have probably saved him, considering how I eventually lost the Thrasher.


So, at this point I’m on grid with a Drake, a Cerebus, a Vexor and two frigs. I’m working on the Cerebus, but it’s so slow that Floppie is literally asking me if I forgot to start my guns again after a reload. I just plain old can’t break the Drakes passive regen, and the Vexor is showing me a lot of respect and maintaining a good distance. The only thing I can kill are the frigs. One of them are using afterburners, meaning he can outrun me easily. So that leaves just a Navy Hookbill for me to murder.


So I drop point on the Drake and switch to the Hookbill and start firing. Its working beautifully. He’s not outrunning my (poor) transversal, so I quickly eat through shields and armor. I have a couple of unlucky misses while in structure and he just warps away.


I was using short points, so that meant that he had at least two warp core stabs. I have a quick lol at a broken clock showing the right time and get back to work on the Cerberus. It’s like pushing a very large rock up a very steep hill, but it’s going. And I’m enjoying the conversation too much to stop.


Alas for me, us being in a belt with Guristas rats, the basi gets jammed by a rat and my ship crumples like the cheap tin can it is.


Typically I hang around after losing a ship and either try to get myself another or at least absorb their hate to fuel the black eldrich clockwork in my chest that pumps the thick venomous ichor that has replaced all my blood, but the girlfriend got home from work and I wanted to go spend some with her, so I just docked up and let myself be kicked.


The funniest bit, though the time from initial shot being fired to losing my Thrasher. The chat logs show the initial white-hot blast of scorching hate being levelled at me at 0329 game time. The lossmail on that Thrasher is 0356.


That’s nearly a half hour in space and 91k raw damage tanked. Hilarious.

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