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Just like the old days.

by on January 28, 2013

Bioco Empire is a rare type of war target. They’re a largish highsec corp, but rather that stomping from gank to gank, wishing someone had the brains or the balls to fight us, they’re actually grouped up, communicating well, and making excellent use of even their newbros in t1 cruisers. They, as usual, wildly outnumber us, and they use it quite well.


We started the war with a couple nice cheap ganks here and there and started developing a pattern where they would fairly quickly get chased into station in their home system. Our usual response is to sit on their undock talking smack while we have alts look for other targets, which is exactly what we did the first couple of times. And then, they started actually undocking and playing some footsie with us.


This is fairly unusual, but not unheard of. I grabbed whatever Skunks could be dragged out of League of Legends or DayZ and we got into actual brawling ships and got over there. What usually happens in those situations is that we try to get an engagement and they back down before pulling the trigger. That happened a few times in a row and then, much to our surprise, a fleet undocked. Eight or so dudes.


It’s been years (or monthes, anyways), and my heart positivly sang was we put a pair of dual-ancil Rohks, a tengu, a falcon and a tackle merlin up against a kitchen sink of geddon, tempest, harb, talos, hurricane, blackbird and daredevil.


Once they were committed and I could see the amount of damage being done, I called for a deagress. Cat and Arden faded into the darkness and I metered out the cap booster charges such that I was able to make it back into station. Sixth, alas, is less experienced in dual-ancil boats and couldn’t get himself deagressed before he had to reload both ancils together and died. Zubrette, however, decided that he was in just a Merlin and could afford the loss, considering what he had tackled 70km off of the fight.


Zubrette had caught a Daredevil.


Zubrette is a very talented pilot. That Daredevil should have eaten him. I wasn’t on the field at this point, so I didn’t see it with my own eyes, but what it sounded like was an overconfident daredevil swooped in for the kill on a medium ancil merlin and got nailed to the floor while Zubrette set him on fire.


The fight over, and a followup fight unlikely, we hit a trade hub to look for more targets for the evening. I had an alt keep an eye on Bioco, though, and after a couple hours I saw them fleeted up, shooting a POS!


The POS had no online guns, so it wasn’t going to be of help to us. It was already fairly late, and many dudes had gone offline at that point, so we didn’t have the numbers to actually fight anything. So instead, we grabbed a couple sniper boats and decided to at least mess with them somewhat.


So we get in system and warp to the perch we’ve set up. They’re in full POS shot mode. There’s an industrial bringing them ammo, some of them aren’t restarting their guns after a reload in a timely fashion, and they’re generally quite sleepy. We start by hitting their tier 3 battlecruisers. They react quickly and warp off, except for a naga which we make short work of.


Then it’s the ammo boat in the form of a t1 industrial and they’re starting to bail out. A hurricane turns to try and catch us, but rather than let it we burn away, let it burn straight at us so the transversal is as low as possible, and pop, down it goes. A couple of the battleships have switched out to long range ammo at this point and while we’re not getting alpha’d, we do have to warp off and back individually a couple times.


They successfully get the rest of their boats to station. However, rather than docking, apparently their tengu pilot hit the warp to button and went to go take a leak. Rareden, once again proving what an incredible beast he is, notes the Tengu on d-scan at a time while the rest of us are still letting people chase us around the POS and knocks it over neatly, including the pod.


They call it a night and start logging out en masse to dream fitfully of exploded ships and to wake up in a sweat-soured twist of bed linens.


I give it a few more minutes to see if there’s any last second targets and see a bomber momentarily decloak on some bit of space debris. Like any good hunters, I freeze in my tracks and do anything I can to attract my prey. In this case, that means coming to a full stop and pretending I’m AFK.


After several more minutes it works. He uncloaks, points me, and starts launching torps at my poor paperthin spaceship. Once I give him the word, rareden saves the day once more by warping in and popping the bomber before I can even get on the km.


Pleased, I go eat a fresh baked brownie and tell the girlfriend how I’m very good at space.

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