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Theory666, pt. 2

by on February 8, 2013

Last post I told you all about Theory666 and his craziness. He had shown knowledge of some of our real names, knowledge of an ex-girlfriend of mine, and had even texted and called Floppie. After I posted all that, a couple other things happened. For starters, Floppie’s house received mystery pizza. Also, Floppie received some notifications that there had been an attempt to reset the password on an old email account of his and also that he would be receiving a catalogue of gay porn!


The end result of all this is that we havn’t seen the guy online for several days, so while it’s possible that he decided that this wasn’t the game for him, we suspect he got banned. If/when I see him next, however, I will be contacting him and demanding two CNRs in exchange for us not deccing every corp he ever joins and telling all his prospective CEOs what an excellent human being he is.


In any case, Floppie painstakingly arranged some in-game emails between the two of them for your reading pleasure and it would be a shame not to post them. Enjoy!


Also, Floppie, as is his natural inclination, started a thread about this whole thing where we got told it’s our fault if someone does something to us in real life as a result of our actions in game, possibly because we wear provocative clothing.


Or something.


I’ll let you follow that rabbit hole as deep as you care to.

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