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The wrong kind of attention

by on February 18, 2013

You’ll of course remember brugone Dallocort, also known as Ninegalus Milarus.


For those of you who have forgotten, I sold brugone an old safari character of mine for probably far too much money considering the horrible reputation he had and then I passed him off to hero and recently-minted Goon Ronni Zigman to be recruitment scammed of whatever remaining isk he had.


Brugone then followed me around for a couple days demanding to be let into the fraternity of belligerent undesirables. I showed him how to invade some missions but it didn’t really stick. I then tossed him back into the sea of pubbies where he eventually landed on the shores of renowned reverse safari-ist and good friend c 3 po.


C 3 po put him to use tackling innocent victims until he decided, like I did, that brugone wasn’t worth saving and eventually killed him.


Evidentally, like many habitual plex-buyers, Brugone (or Ninegalus in this case) bought faction. In this case it was a Navy Geddon. At least, in his defense, he didn’t go for faction mods… yet.


So someone floats this killmail past me and I have a good chuckle, having at this point forgot all about this guy. I look into what his other character is doing and see he’s in a corp that’s been recruiting fairly heavily lately.


Alas for me, all of my alts are busy spying or safariing other corps, so I can’t take advantage of this. I ask in channel if any of my fellow belligerent undesirables would be willing to do me a favour and my man Arden steps up to the plate.


The next day he delivers me this wonderful screenshot.


Not long after that I get a convo from brugone telling me that he’s lost everything and he’s quitting the game and I should choke on a dick and die.


I have the best friends.


I notice lately that almost nothing we do is a one-off thing anymore.  Maybe it’s just how plugged in the community has gotten lately, but every story seems to be growing new chapters all the time.  I love it.


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