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An incredible 24 hours.

by on February 20, 2013

Okay, I lied. This may have happened over more like 36 hours, but that doesn’t make a very good blog post title.


So I’d been feeling a bit lately that it’d been a bit slow in the wide world of internet submarines, although objectively I’d still been getting kills, just nothing that had really got my mouth watering. We did find a suspect Orca jumping through a gate near Hek the other day, and that was cute. But by and large, it had been quite slow.


And then I logged on to one of my safari alts. The corp in question had been very dead and full of young characters without many good targets. I idly mentioned in corp chat that I could fly a Tengu finally (I’m gearing that character up for sale) and someone instantly leapt upon it. They wanted to come 24 jumps to help me mission! They were also in a tengu! They wanted to see my fit and hear what my exact resists were! I smelled a trap. I called upon my fellow belligerent undesirables for a quick hand. I was just in a Drake, and if I was going to take on a potentially PvP fit Tengu I would need some reps.


So my good friend fang joined the party in an osprey and I made good talk about the fit on the tengu I didn’t own. Our friend landed on me in a Tengu, got pointed and webbed, and immediately started to beg. Alas, due to a bit of a computer snag, I can’t show you the chatlogs, but I can assure you that the tears were wonderful.


So, he attempted to fight for a second after begging proved fruitless, only to find he couldn’t break me. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t break him either! I’d get him to about 40% shields and have to reload. By the time I had, he’d be back up to 65% and it was clear I was going to run out of ammo before I killed him.


Tengus are, in my opinion, one of the most difficult safari targets.


After a gruelling slugfest I finally got some EM missiles brought to my safari alt and put him down like a dog in the street. He dropped, among other things, two small B-type shield reppers and a Domination Shield Boost Amp. That’s 250m isk in my pocket, for those of you keeping score at home.


That Tengu was equipped with a warp disruptor, so I’m fairly certain he meant to kill me but changed his mind when he saw he was outmatched.


With that safely put to bed I went about my day. Fang noticed a freighter with a recruitment ad in his bio. He asked if anyone had a spare alt for that purpose, so I threw in a cold app and thought no more of it.


Later that night we played some footsie with some war targets and killed some dessies, a Mammoth and a Thorax. Nothing special. Then, late in the evening Floppie logs on and within 20 minutes spots a Golem and lays a tackle on it! We come from the far corners of the earth to whore on the killmail. The Golem pilot logged off in a rage pretty much as soon as the point landed, so we had plenty of time.


The Golem turned out to be fit with an X-Type X-L Shield Booster and had two more of them in the cargo! And… that’s all. Just that. Otherwise it was an empty Golem. Nothing dropped, though. The loot fairy robbed us. That’s okay, though. Golems are a joy to kill and any loot is just icing.


So I go to bed and wake up at a nice leisurely noon (I had the day off) only to have Fang urgently asking me if I’d had my alt accepted into that corp he’d told me to app yesterday. I hadn’t talked to anyone in the corp, so I assumed not, but I checked it and HOLY SHIT I’M IN!


There’s a problem, though. He’s in space now and I’m in a noob ship after losing my Thorax as the conclusion to the last safari that dude was in. Again, fang saves the day and drops me a Thorax. This motherfucker is incredible. I get to work chewing on the freighter, who appears to be completely AFK. It takes a while, considering the low sp, but like with eating the elephant, I just keep going with small bites and eventually he gets murdered.


As I bonus, I get his pod, worth 1.4b! (Okay, 1.2b if you believe Battleclinic.)


I’d only been online for an hour at this point and already it’s a good day! And it was all thanks to Skjordr Longfang, Hero of the Revolution. He picked the target, he let me know the dude was in space, and he even dropped me a ship. Words cannot convey how grateful I am for friends like these.


Shortly after, I get a convo from the freighter pilot, who clearly became not AFK too late.


[ 2013.02.20 01:08:00 ] Nagget Crasher > Whay you did that ??

[ 2013.02.20 01:08:10 ] Nagget Crasher > you didnt earn any isk that way ??

[ 2013.02.20 01:08:18 ] Nagget Crasher > idiet

[ 2013.02.20 01:08:22 ] Wullie Arthie > So?  Who gives a shit about isk?

[ 2013.02.20 01:09:23 ] Wullie Arthie > For your termination of Nagget Crasher we have paid you 617,283.50 ISK from their bounty pool.

[ 2013.02.20 01:11:01 ] Nagget Crasher > well you are just a real live loser and now you will get beating by them  Rock Huggers Inc

[ 2013.02.20 01:11:52 ] Nagget Crasher > thay works for me you and you will die you think I dont have isk atm have 45 billions

[ 2013.02.20 01:12:01 ] Wullie Arthie > But listen, I don’t think it’s fair that you called me an idiot when you’re the one who accepted an app without even talking to me, much less looking me up, and then autopiloting a freighter.

[ 2013.02.20 01:12:40 ] Nagget Crasher > well you will see who is loser

[ 2013.02.20 01:12:52 ] Wullie Arthie > Yeah, I’m not concerned about you sending mercs after me.

[ 2013.02.20 01:13:13 ] Wullie Arthie > Especially considering this is my alt and you don’t even know who to send mercs after, actually.

[ 2013.02.20 01:13:55 ] Wullie Arthie > I mean, I guess I’ll make it sporting.  I’ll tell you who my main is.

[ 2013.02.20 01:13:58 ] Nagget Crasher > I konw i will check your app will find you dont worry about that

[ 2013.02.20 01:14:34 ] Wullie Arthie > I’m Psychotic Monk, if you’re actually going to have anyone decced.

[ 2013.02.20 01:14:46 ] Wullie Arthie > I could recommend some other good mercs if they’re busy or whatever.

[ 2013.02.20 01:16:22 ] Nagget Crasher > you realy are peace of shit I didnt done anythink to you scum bag go fuxk yourself



Luckily, after that he logged off in a huff and didn’t think to say anything to warn his fellow corpmates. So I cracked open the map and saw two people in space. I went there and lo-and-behold, there are the top corp bookmark lay an Orca and a Retriever. I let the retriever go, as they were too far apart for me to get both, and started putting bullets in the Orca.


The Orca pilot seemed unhappy about that and threatened to drop TEST on us. (You have no idea how many times I’ve apparently killed Montolio’s super secret highsec mining or missioning alt.)


Shortly after, he started asking in corp if anyone would help him avenge is boat. He was met with the incredible deafening roar of silence.


And then he asked if he could join the corp. I’ll let you know if that pans out in a hilarious way.


About that time the girlfriend got home and we had a lovely dinner. Afterwards, I logged on one of my neutral eyes and noticed a ton of wartargets in a system I had checked earlier. I got scanning and spotted a mining op! It was nearly a dozen Hulks, an Orca and an Anshar! Many Skunks hadn’t yet logged on for the day, so I got them patching. I held two out while they scrambled over. But as my man Rareden was on his way, they started warping off, starting with the Anshar!


Evidentally their mining op was shutting down for the night, as the various boats started to warp off in dribs and drabs. When we hit the system one out all the remaining boats started to leave, either by conincidence or because they had eyes in that system. We made best speed and I managed to land an infinite point on the Orca. They warped some combat ships to us, but we made short work of them and finished off the Orca with a satisfying lip-smacking sound.


This was the same corp that our friend Mythen safarii’d the other day, killing an Orca and five Hulks.


I’m still in mourning for my loss of the chance to kill an Anshar, though.


The CEO of that corp was somewhat upset, and didn’t understand why I would violence his boat.


Choice bits include:


tkMunkman > awoxing is a bitch move

Psychotic Monk > WhyÉ

tkMunkman > killing your own corpmate is low

Psychotic Monk > Why is it low?

tkMunkman > its lower than a pvp corp attacking an indy corp

Psychotic Monk > You`ve just said the same thing three times without providing any reason.

tkMunkman > there is no honor



Other Skunks got kills I wasn’t present for in that period, including another Orca and a Megathron, and we played a bunch of footsie and eventually killed a Dominix with four warp core stabs, but I’ve wasted enough paper, so I’ll tell those stories another time, unless my fellow Skunks beat me to it.


Until next time, keep up the good work, everyone!

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