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I made a thread about this, but it got locked, so I’m putting it here.

by on February 21, 2013

So you’re three weeks old. Or maybe you’re much older, but you’re a very narrow human being. You’ve come to eve from some other MMO where you ran a successful guild and you’re a manager where you work. You figure you’ll form a corp and take over the world. You don’t know much about eve, but your can just wing it, right? So you train racial whateveritis, pay your 5 mil, and form a corp, recruiting whatever fellow rookies you can. You know most corps fail, but that’s okay, it’s part of the adventure, right?

Wrong. What you’re doing is gathering people who, like you, don’t know anything. And since you’re their CEO, they look up to you for guidance. In the absence of you being able to provide guidance, they will listen to whichever of their fellow newbies provide the loudest guidance.

Given that the common denominator for random people on the internet is very low, what they get told is that they can’t start doing any of the actually interesting **** in eve until they have 30 million sp and 10b in their wallet. They’re told that everything that puts them into direct competition with other players will cause their face and hands to turn into poisonous scorpions and that they need to mine and grind missions until they grow bored enough of this game to unsubscribe.

And whatever information they are given outside of the realm of shooting plusses is like a forty-thousand man long game of telephone. It’s distorted and only tangentially related to the truth to the point that not only is it extremely unhelpful, but it’s also a hilarious cargo-cult of successful gameplay. A shockingly large percentage of highsec players don’t know aggression mechanics (despite a recent rework meant to make it easier to understand) for this exact reason.

And looking past that, what happens when someone like my friends and I come knocking on your corps front door? In a wardec I find a shockingly large amount of corps won’t fight me despite often outnumbering me in local 10-to-1. No, that is not an exaggeration. Someone told them that 10 cruisers or battlecruisers or even frigates cannot successfully fight my Proteus or Navy Mega or whatever I’m flying. In their defense, that’s correct if we’re talking about mish-mashed monstrosities of fits featuring mixed guns and no point, but if the fits were even remotely like something that should be flown in PvP I’d be murdered every single time.

Look, what I’m saying is that your corp needs competent vets to help protect and guide you, it needs accurate information, it needs support systems for for new guys and it needs methods to protect yourself in the event that your door gets kicked in by sex-crazed maniacs.

And these things aren’t actually particularly difficult to put in place. It’s something that should be easy for any experienced and intelligent player who hasn’t been raised in a culture of ignorance and fear.

So, newbie and/or bad CEOs: stop ruining the newbros. There’s incredible things they could be doing right from day one if you didn’t insist on being the weights that hold them back for fear that they might lose 25m worth of cruiser. Stop being an albatross around their neck and ruining the game for them and, subsequently, everyone else.

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  1. bla permalink

    That’s a skewed way of presenting things. In my experience with wardecs, even with a single WT in system, you can never know how many friendly out-of-corp logis are waiting out there for you. And when you do muster a fleet to go and fight them, they blueball you and dock up. Most deccers are about the ganks, not the fights

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