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Yay, a wormhole theft!

by on February 25, 2013

Most of my alts are filthy. If I possibly can, when I join a corp I’m killing things inside of 20 minutes. This means they’re fairly easy to spot and, while I sometimes get Marauders and whatnot, I’m usually limited to an Orca or a Navy Battleship. It’s really luck of the draw.


Some of my alts however I keep fairly clean. Usually it’s because I’m using them for something else. My locator dude is fairly clean, for instance. I’m not opposed to getting them dirty, I’m just saving them for when the score is decent.


A corp I’ve had an alt in for quite some time has had a wormhole side project. I was bored and I figured I would go check it out. I didn’t even know if I had the correct permissions to take advantage of the situation, but I enjoy being nosy. So I checked corp locations and spotted a WH entrance bookmark and got moving.


Following the string of bookmarks I found myself at a POS in a c2. I check what corp hangers I can access and there isn’t really anything that catches my eye. I check the ship hanger and to my suprise find a small metric buttload of ships. There’s a legion in there, but that’s the only really valuable thing. I’m seeing a lot of battlecruisers, a couple battleships and some misc stuff that might be worth it. I call on my fellow Skunks to help drive these boats out, along with Paul Clavet, who has been crashing on our couch for a couple days.


They arrive and I start ejecting ships. POS theft isn’t my usual line of work, so I don’t think to select all and eject, but rather do it one at a time. I suspect that some members are on their way to the hole, so I eject what I can and take down the POS bubble. Again, this isn’t my usual line of work or I would have done this somewhat differently.


Skunks start grabbing boats for me and it still looks like nobody has noticed. Corp chat is quiet. The legion fit is moderatly pimped but nothing incredible. But then Skunks start noticing that almost every fit is about half faction! There’s no Gist X-types or anything, but these fit prices are adding up quickly! Even the Harbinger and the Covops boats have faction on them!


Finally, with only a sabre left to steal (and nobody that can fly it, it turns out) someone lands on the POS and starts asking questions. If we had more time we would have put the shield back up, re-onlined the hangers and finished stealing their procurors or whatever else they had. Given the fits I saw, I’m sure there was some faction in there somewhere.


In any case, once the jig was up we invited their entire corp to a channel where we had eve-voice going. Odi did his Russian Squirrel to the delight of everyone involved and we also let Paul Clavet try to squeeze more money out of them.


Have a video about it! It starts a bit in media res, but it’s pretty funny anyways.


Have a screencap of what we stole.


Lastly, enjoy a pastebin from inside their corp chat through this all.

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  1. RubyPorto permalink

    I didn’t realize that being stupid enough to hand someone you don’t know director roles was considered a “glitch” that you could be reimbursed for,

    Learn something new every day.

    • Anonymous permalink

      As a player in that corp, I agree that it was way too early to be making petitions. That was a bad call, and I’ve seen it before from players who should know better. But in our defense none of the folks online at the time had any idea how the shields went down without a notification.

      I’m still a newbie, so I don’t know what corp roles are required for that, but reading about how you guys pulled this off has certainly been an eye opener. Congrats on an excellent heist, and thanks for giving me a great story to tell my friends when they ask why I play this game! 🙂

      • Thalpha permalink

        Kudos to you for taking this in stride. You will go far in Eve young padawan.

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