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A guide to target selection and intel in wardecs

by on February 27, 2013

Some time ago I wrote a guide on getting into people’s corps and killing them. I’m told that it’s proven to be extremely helpful to a bunch of people, so I thought I’d write more on some other things I know how to do.

Today I’d like to talk about target selection and intel in the context of wardecs. This is meant to help people get into the business, so if you’re already knee deep in it you probably won’t find much new information, if any.

I should also mention that in this case I’m talking primarily about wardecs where you intend to hunt targets and kill them with their pants down, although I suppose it’s also quite applicable to wardecs where you’re looking for a brawl or looking to camp and take pot shots.

The first thing you need when deccing someone is someone to dec. If you’re going merc or have a personal vendetta, this can be pretty clear cut, but if you you’re just looking for something to hunt for fun and profit it can be somewhat less so.

The typical way to find targets is to watch the recruitment channel for likely candidates that fill your criteria for preferred targets. While this is something that can be done with minimal effort, those corps tend to be quite small and even more prone to early disbanding than most, and other organization will undoubtedly also be deccing them, making them slim pickings split among several corps.

Another way to find possible targets is to hang out in hubs, along major pipes or in mission systems and look up anyone who flies by in a ship that you would enjoy killing. Be sure to bring a ship scanner.

Third, if you’re a multidisciplinary bastard, you can use wardecs as a way to follow up on people who were fun to interact with in other contexts. If you got good tears or good loot from a suicide gank, safari or mission invasion, it’s entirely possible that player’s corp will also be fun to interact with, assuming it fulfills your other requirements.

Speaking of other requirements, there are a couple of criteria you should be mindful of when searching for opponents. They should be in the correct time zone for you, for instance. They may say what TZ they’re in in the corp description, but if they don’t you can take a look at the times of their typical kills and losses on any major public killboard. Keep in mind that there may be a fairly wide spread, especially if they’re a corp that doesn’t typically pvp. Their losses are also more likely to be spread out than their kills, as people can get killed while do some quick space-chores before work in the morning or late at night.

As for size, you’ll want something with a healthy number of targets. Unless you have better information, assume an activity level of about ten percent. That is to say that on any given evening, about one in ten of their members is likely to be on. They’ll also typically be several of the same faces every night with a larger number of occasional players appearing every once in a while. If your target is an alliance, you’ll notice that the alliance information does not give out a total size. For that, you’ll want to consult Dotlan or


Evewho is also going to be your friend when it comes time to make your lists. And yes, you will have to make lists. There are some third-party tools to help your list making easier. Some of them I’ve heard rumbings about them not being completely kosher. I’ve also been told by developers of same that they are. I prefer to err on the side of caution and the only one I trust at the moment is over at, which you’ll need to open with your in-game browser. There’s also several other useful tools on there.

Now, in the old days you had to comb killboards and corp descriptions looking for the names of member characters, but since evewho came along, all you have to do is type the entity you’re deccing into evewho in the in-game browser and it will spit out a list that usually has about 95% of the members of that corp. You’re going to add them all to your watchlist as contacts. Luckily, there’s a small asterisk beside the name when viewed in the in-game browser. This opens a contact window. Add all of these people, give them all a label, preferably according to what entity they belong to, and then click the ‘show only online’ checkbox. This is the best way to keep track of who you should be hunting at any given time.

Now, the next question is how to find them. Thankfully, the answer is simple: locator agents!

As a ten second guide to locator agents, know that many mission agents are also locator agents and can find anyone in known space. Level 1 and 2 agents are of limited range. Level 3 and 4 agents can find people anywhere but take varying amounts of time. As a rule of thumb, level 3s will take about eight minutes to find someone and level 4s will take about four minutes. They’re cheap as dirt, but you need the standings. If you have a shameful carebear past or an alt with the same, make sure to know where your locator alts are. You can use in order to determine where your locator agents are. If you have none, you can go to the in game channel ‘Locates Are Us’ and pay 5m per locate. If you’re hunting many targets that will add up quickly though, and you’re probably better off in the long run getting your own or developing some kind of understanding with someone about it.

Once located, make sure to note down somewhere the time/date and location the target was found at and, if known, what ship they were in. This will allow you to determine any patterns for them and give you a good idea where they might be even if no locates are avalible. The character info panel has a tab for notes that works well for this, but isn’t really convenient for sharing with your corpmates.

And then finally, you’re going to need some idea of what your contacts will be flying. For this, you can check them out on any killboard site which, if they’ve lost boats to other players before, should at least tell you what race of boat you’re looking for, if not class. It will also tell you what level

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