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Newbies getting into the life.

by on February 28, 2013

(I apologize in advance for lack of pastebins and very few killmails.  I’m writing this from my laptop and so don’t have these things in front of me.)


The other day I did an AMA on reddit.  It went fairly well and you can go check it out by making clicks in the direction of a helpful link.


As a result, a bunch of people convoed me looking to get into the life.  We’re pretty selective about our recruiting, so most of the dudes used to signing up to an organization and doing what they’re told wouldn’t work out in Skunks.  I ended up turning pretty much everyone away from joining up.  On the other hand, I’m fucking ecstatic that people want to get into the life and spent a lot of time running giving advice and running from place to place and supplying logi to dudes doing their first bits of assholery.


One in particular stood out.  SharpNine Sasen contacted me.  He had a cormy fit and was ready to get murdering.  I took a second to make sure his shit was wired correctly and found, unlike many other people that convoed me, that all that needed to be changed that he should be using faction ammo instead of t1.


He sheepishly admitted that he only had 1.8m isk after fitting the cormy and couldn’t afford anything beyond t1 ammo.  He was throwing literally his entire assets into this play, and if it fucked up for no benefit he would be down to nothing.  He skipped right past the trap of only doing interesting shit once he was “comfortable” and got straight to the killing.  My  cold stone heart heated to a warm and welcoming molten orange and I coughed up a bit of cash in order to make sure that this young entrepreneur would have the tools he needed to get the job done.


He’d found a likely target and shared a fit linked in corp chat.  It was a passive tanked Raven.  He wasn’t convinced he could take the raven, but after some assurances he was certainly willing to make the attempt.


I didn’t have anything going on myself at that point, so I hopped in an Osprey on an alt and flew to the proposed gank site.  I asked what the target was and he said that the only thing in space appeared to be someone in a level 4 mission.  That can be a bit rough for your first kill, given the rats in the mission, but luckily I was on hand for reps, so there was no reason not to give it a try.


Our newly minted hero had a bit of trouble getting into fleet with his target at first, but eventually convinced him to under the pretext of salvaging for him.  He got into warp, dropped fleet with the victim, fleeted me, landed and got a point.  I was right behind him.


The Raven dropped like a brick.  He stopped momentarily in structure, but the Raven rejected convo, so no ransom was possible.


He got something to the tune of 10m isk in loot and was pretty pleased with himself and we moved on to find him a retriever and pod, which he got a further 10m isk ransom and a bit of loot.  All said he had about twenty mil in loot and a bit of a ransom.  The corp started stirring and forming a fleet to come after him.  They were spitting blood and ready to beat him to death with his own severed limbs.


Having a great time and not giving a fuck if he lost his boat at this point, SharpNine asked me to hold his loot for safekeeping and stood in a findable spot.  Before long a medium sized kitchen sink gang landed on him.  He held well with reps for a minute or so, but then something with some decent alpha landed a really good hit and his ship vanished around him.


SharpNine Sasen has already moved on to his second safari and has killed a decent smattering of retrievers and pods as well a couple smaller defense reactions.


I’m incredibly proud of this dude and think he’ll do incredible things.  He’s the cutest fucking newbie, and he should be drowned in isk.

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  1. blazed dude permalink

    I did read your AMA, great story as a hopeful pirate some day (still on a trial account) this gives me some hope to not sucking on a hind tet in my first few attempts one I get enough cash and skills to jump into the fire. Happy hunting.

    • morristron permalink

      If you’re at least 24 hours old you have the skills and cash to get into this life. If you’re unsure or need guidance or support please contact me in game.

  2. Fan permalink


    I found your blog through the AMA you did on Reddit, a friend also linked me to it a day later.

    I’ve always found griefing fascinating in EVE, there’s no game that allows it in quite the same manner. I’m a reader of Paul clavet’s blog too, and I was also in awe of some the stuff he managed to pull off. I always longed for experiences like that of my own but just really never got around to it ingame.

    Reading all your posts in about an hour gave me the push to finally go a try it myself. Tonight I managed to get an orca kill with a catalyst and another alt in a scythe repping me. On top of that, they attacked the neutral scythe in a domi and got concorded, I hung around station after while they mobilized to “get me”. They all took turns attacking me and got concorded one by one, I got to sit there and pick their pods one by one. It was the single most fun evening I’ve ever had in the game by a long shot.

    I’m going to continue reading and wanted to let you know that you gave me the push to finally go and do the type of stuff I’ve always been in awe of in ever! Keep up the good work!

    A fan

    • morristron permalink

      Get ahold of me in game. I’d love to hear about this in more detail and maybe tell your story on the blog. ♥

    • What is the fit you used for the catalyst ?

      • morristron permalink

        meta 3 neutrons, a point, an AB, a damage control and some magstabs.

        In my opinion the only parts that are strictly required are the guns, the point, and the damage control.

  3. Chelien permalink

    Thanks for the help/tips for killing the 1 billion ISK Orca. My Corpmates got mad and tried to kill me in a Drake/Atron/Corax. I jumped around from gate safes and station safes, separated the ships and killed the Atron/Corax.

    Fun times were had.

  4. I read you swarthy gentlemen got the band back together.
    would you mind a newbro shaking the tambourine?

    fresh into eve on a trial acct. if you dudes really are back to the antics of shitting in wheaties a la Jay & Silent Bob having a field day with the hockey punks in Dogma, I’ll pick up plex within 24 hrs.

    please answer this would – be privateer’s prayers.

    only character: Cillian O’Beollain

    keeping eyes on my inbox, happy hunting

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