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Skunkworks and the Very Busy Day

by on March 11, 2013


Yesterday was a pretty good day in space. It started with someone giving me a call to get a bit of advice on if they’d be able to kill a Golem in a Harb. The answer was probably, and nothing else was going on with the rest of the belligerents just then, so we scrambled a couple dudes to get him logi and some probes to find his victim with.


We found the Golem two rooms deep in a mission not far from Jita and the Harb got a point. The Golem was going down steadily and boosting only intermittantly, but once he hit sixty percent shields he smugly repped all the way back up, and the ship scan we had on him made it clear that the one neut wasn’t going to be enough to break his capacitor. Luckily my Orca was nearby and we were able to refit the Harb for more neuts. He went down with minimal struggle after that.


With that hearty breakfast inside me the next order of business was to shoot a stick.


You’ll remember for a couple posts ago that rareden had lost his Proteus on top of a wartarget POS. We decided that insults to our space-honour like that could not be tolerated, so we made an op to go shoot their POS. Everyone hates shooting sticks so, like with a barn raising, several members of the community came to help us. Break-a-wish foundation and Pendulum of Doom, both outfits that are streets ahead of us as far as PvP skill decced the POS in question as well and several bored members of the community showed up to supply a hilariously mixed bag of remote repairs.


As we were forming up, a completely separate set of war targets were hanging out on the Amarr undock, making it somewhat difficult to get battleships out. Being that we’re not an organization that’s drowning in logi, we don’t typically fight on trade hub undocks, and we had somewhere else to be, so I simply dropped corp to move to the staging system and joined another corp in the alliance once we got there.


However, when we arrived we found that an alliance called Friends United, with whom we’d had a war go live less than an hour before really wanted to bring a fleet to get involved in our business. It was only Petition Blizzard that could shoot them, but we had many friend on hand who wanted to provide us repairs. Still, we were there for a specific job and I didn’t want to get get side tracked chasing every shiny object we saw, especially considering that would also be a waste of BAW and Pendulum’s time.


We were aligned to the POS when Floppie piped up with “Anyone want to shoot a Tengu on this undock?” “Nah. He’ll be boosty and/or 100mn. He’ll just escape or tank us and dock back up.” There was a moment of silence. “He’s engaging me.”


So we dropped alignment and went to mess with a Tengu and the WT gang started piling into system. It was just three of us able to shoot the enemy fleet, and Floppie had the Tengu well nailed down. We picked off a Thorax early to get some relatively squishy dps off the field ( ) and swatted a Malediction out of the sky ( ). Once that was done the enemy fleet started making some daring escapes, pulling out the majority of their boats. The only things left were the Tengu, and Enyo and a Harb.


If the Tengu had been hiding a get out of jail free card this whole time we didn’t want to give him time to decide to use it, so we reached inside his mouth and pulled his entire skeleton out. He was buffer fit wit with a 10mn AB, it turns out, which does not at all play to the strengths of the Tengu hull.


Floppie and rareden murdered an Enyo quickly ( ) and I closed with our friend in the Harb, to be shortly joined by my friends.


Just as we were finishing up that Harb another landed and we figured we would oblige him, too.


We posted some eyes on some nearby gates in case there was anything incoming and we got to killing the POS. Our enemies sat a gang on a nearby gate for a bit but never decided to come closer than 2j while we were shooting the POS. Or they didn’t know how to work a set of combat probes, possibly.


The shoot went uneventfully except for a noticing one of the owners of the POS undock, oblivious to what was going on and try to make it a nearby market hub. It didn’t work out very well for him. We asked what was up after and his response was essentially that he was totally oblivious to us having been in his local and shooting his stick for the past hour. Great situational awareness.


It had already been a big day, and we wanted to put our feet up on the railing of Amarr, but noticed a German Freakshow Vindicator on the undock and some neutral bump boats doing some work with him. Again, I loath fighting on trade hub undocks, but Lithalnas called out that his Abaddon had been bumped off and the Vindi was engaging him.


We fully expected Guardians to materialize out of mist and make us fighting this Vindi pointless, but Floppie again overrode my natural curmudgeonly attitude and declared that he’d engaged him. I fully expected that the Vindi would find some friends and be unkillable, so I brought a neut Prophecy with some ECM drones and asked our Falcon pilots to get their jam boats so that we could at least maintain the option to disengage.


Eventually Lith went down, but by that point Falcons were on the field. He tried a few times to make it back to station, but we had decent bumps and he very slowly went down.


We got some accusations of having exploited in local from the Vindi pilot after and he was somewhat upset due to Falcons. The comments on that kill also turned out somewhat hilarious, and you should go read them.


It’s days like these that make slow days worth it. I’ve been having a little short-sightedness lately where wartargets aren’t doing things in space where we can kill them or safari corps aren’t presenting good targets and it feels like it’s always that way. Maybe I just need to remind myself of days like this one when that happens.


Your friend,

Psychotic Monk

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  1. Sometimes you just have to drag your corpmates kicking and screaming into fights. Do it right and they’ll thank you later.

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