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Dec sharing with Petition Blizzard

by on March 29, 2013

One of the most frustrating things about being a wardeccer is that a huge chunk of your targets will drop corp, spend most of their time under war logged off or docked up, or retreat into wormholes where it’s basically impossible to find them. The usual counter to this is to dec a bunch more people. This can get somewhat expensive, though. So I’ve devised something to help all my friends and peers with this issue:

Dec Sharing!

The way it works is this. You apply your corp to the alliance. I’ll dec anyone you supply the fee for. You hunt your targets as per usual and when those are being inactive, you get to go hunt everyone else’s targets, too.

Anyone who remembers Privateers can tell you that this could go to hilarious and fantastic places pretty quickly.

This is meant to be a no-obligation thing, so there are several conventions common to wardec alliances we’ll be throwing out the window:

  1. No rules regarding comms, fleets, or anything else.You can crash in our TS if you want. We’ll make you a channel for just you and your corp or you can hang out in a public room. If you don’t want, then don’t. You don’t have to hang out with anybody or be in fleet with anybody. Shared intel is appreciated but not required.
  1. No rules about the killboard.You can shit up the alliance killboard if you want. Or you can be super picky about your corp killboard. Whatever. If you want to lose shitfit boats nobody will bug you about it. They’re your toys and you can break them if you want.
  1. No rules about activity.If you want to hunt, brawl or camp, either alone or in groups, that’s fine. If you want to sit on the Jita undock in a Tornado I might personally make fun of you a bit, but it’s all good. If you want to take merc contracts, scam merc contracts, honour ransoms (lol), dishonour ransoms or anything else, cool. If you dissapear for an extended period I may kick you, but probably not, as I’m lazy, and you’d be welcome to come back at any time anyways.

The only rules are as follows:

  1. Don’t be annoying. If nobody can tolerate you in chat or voice comms or you’re an insufferable dick that calls people fag or nigger then you’ll probably get kicked. We’re all grown ups. We don’t want to hang out with that.
  2. If you see someone else out in space hunting a target, check in with them to see if there’s any systems you should be avoiding so as not to shit up someone else’s hunting.
  3. I’m not going to dec fellow wardec corps or someone you’re mad at because you got suicide ganked or something. This isn’t your personal army. This is so dudes who like killing pubbies have pubbies to kill. Plus a lot of them are my friends and that would be super awkward.

If you want to get into wardeccing or like this idea but don’t have a corp, we can get you into Paper Snowstorm or some other corp in the alliance. Just watch out for awoxing because I’ll be letting in basically everyone, so if you’re in a corp with dudes you don’t know and trust then don’t fly expensive shit.

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  1. This is an amazing idea

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