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100m and a Talos BPO.

by on April 1, 2013

I’ve been wildly neglecting my wars lately. I spent a couple days out of corp and before that I’d been having terrible luck with wartargets dropping corp or logging out just as I’d gone 26j to get to them. I had a bit of a change of pace for a bit and Floppie kept up the pressure on wartargets and I was ready to get back to pulling my weight. So when Floppie called eyes on a mining op, I grabbed a Talos, threw an app in to Skunkworks, and got moving.

The new corp application system means that I don’t have to be logged on to the CEO to accept myself, which is awesome. So, having arrived, we hatched a plan. Floppie would sit on the gate and I’d hit the nearest station, which was less than 1 AU from the mining op. Being able to get into position without being in the corp was a nice treat, so we decided to make the best of it.

Then, in a display of coordination only evident in the drunkest of foozball teams, I accepted myself, undocked and warped to the op while Floppie came in system and made the 20-odd AU warp. I landed and pointed the Orca and he landed moments behind me, pointing two Covetors while I blapped a third.

Each of these was fit for pure yield, which makes me sad. And they weren’t even aligning when we landed. If only there were some kind of organization doing the best they can to encourage miners to actively play the game and pay attention to their surroundings, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

In any case, started murdering the Orca, pausing once he was in one-quarter structure to have the following conversation.

[06:51:57] Psychotic Monk > Hey.

[06:51:58] Rachel Morrigan > yes

[06:52:03] Rachel Morrigan > can u stop

[06:52:06] Psychotic Monk > Wanna pay to live?

[06:52:11] Rachel Morrigan > yes

[06:52:23] Psychotic Monk > 400m

[06:52:34] Psychotic Monk > Ten seconds.

[06:52:35] Rachel Morrigan > i dont have that

[06:52:38] Rachel Morrigan > 100mil

[06:52:42] Psychotic Monk > Okay.

[06:52:45] Psychotic Monk > Go fast.

[06:52:46] Psychotic Monk > 10

[06:52:48] Psychotic Monk > 9

[06:52:50] Psychotic Monk > 8

[06:52:53] Psychotic Monk > 7

[06:52:55] Psychotic Monk > 6

[06:52:58] Psychotic Monk > 5

[06:53:08] Rachel Morrigan > plz stop

[06:53:25] Psychotic Monk > Okay, now the rest of if.  That leaves only 300m.

[06:53:34] Rachel Morrigan > i dont have that

[06:53:40] Psychotic Monk > Do your friends?

[06:53:44] Rachel Morrigan > no

[06:53:46] Psychotic Monk > We’ll also accept assets.

[06:53:54] Rachel Morrigan > like wat

[06:54:01] Psychotic Monk > Anything worth money.

[06:54:25] Rachel Morrigan > wat about a bpo

[06:54:29] Psychotic Monk > Ships, ore, implants, anything.

[06:54:41] Rachel Morrigan > i can make taloses

[06:54:53] Psychotic Monk > Are they made?

[06:55:05] Rachel Morrigan > no but my word is my bond

[06:55:11] Psychotic Monk > Not to me it isn’t.

[06:55:17] Psychotic Monk > 10 seconds to make me a good offer.

[06:55:21] Rachel Morrigan > then i can give u the bpo

[06:55:33] Rachel Morrigan > its worth 600mil

[06:55:34] Psychotic Monk > Okay.  Contract it.

[06:55:43] Rachel Morrigan > let me go to it

[06:55:50] Psychotic Monk > Contract it to me.

[06:55:53] Rachel Morrigan > its in a different station

[06:56:01] Psychotic Monk > You can contract from anywhere.

[06:56:06] Psychotic Monk > Open your assets tab.

[06:56:08] Psychotic Monk > Do it from there.

[06:56:11] Rachel Morrigan > give me a minute

[06:56:24] Psychotic Monk > 30 seconds.

[06:56:37] Psychotic Monk > 25

[06:56:45] Psychotic Monk > 20

[06:56:54] Psychotic Monk > 15

[06:57:06] Psychotic Monk > 10 seconds.  You doing this?

[06:57:21] Psychotic Monk > 9

[06:57:26] Psychotic Monk > 8

[06:57:28] Rachel Morrigan > i have never done this give me some time

[06:57:51] Psychotic Monk > I’m going to take your shield back down a bit.  Don’t be alarmed.

[06:58:17] Rachel Morrigan > its done

[06:58:43] Psychotic Monk > SUDDENLY BETRAYAL!

[06:58:50] Rachel Morrigan > asswipe

That’s right, we got 100m and a Talos BPO. And the killmail.

Some days it feels really good to be a gangster.

Does anyone want to buy a Talos BPO?

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  1. Pirate permalink

    You sir are a scandal.
    Honor your ransom in order to get more ransoms later. Don’t ruin honorable pirate’s reputation! :-9

  2. Cyg permalink

    I’m all for tears and Orca slaughter, but honestly you should have taken the BPO and let him live. I know that the KM is juicy, but there are two big things I’d point out:

    1) Not honoring ransoms is bad for business. KMs are nice, module drops are even better, but only ISK pays the bills. Ransoms are a good way to do this. If you become known as never honoring ransoms, or worse, the sentiment of ransoming becomes worthless in the eyes of players you’re ganking, you loose out on a lot of potential income for the future. The tears weren’t even that good this time around.

    2) If they really were dumb enough to get caught once, they’re dumb enough to get caught twice. The second time, don’t offer a ransom and get your KM.

  3. Ymirism permalink

    I actually sniggered a bit at the full caps ‘Suddenly betrayal’ ❤
    My hero

  4. Zayne permalink

    In an Orca. But can’t even spring for Invuln II’s? I don’t even understand. Was it a Power Grid or CPU issue? Or did they just suck?

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