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In which I take mainsteam gaming media griefing and kill 2x Orcas and a Freighter.

by on April 3, 2013

Some of the work I love most is getting new people into my lifestyle and showcasing what it’s all about. That’s one of the major reasons I write this blog, after all. So when I saw Mike Foster, writer for Massively, streaming his attempt to go mining in lowsec, I felt I had to give his viewers a taste of something better. So I contacted him about streaming some grief.  He agreed.


I made sure he was in an appropriate boat and I laid the groundwork, choosing a corp for him to infiltrate that had lax recruitment policies and also had something in space to shoot that exact second. The only hiccup was that it was on a highsec island, so we might waste time by getting popped on the way there.


The logi support I brought did indeed get caught by a small gatecamp on the way there and I lost 15m in the form of an Osprey, but thankfully my brother-in-arms and hero of the New Order Wescro stepped up and delivered us some reps.


I’ll let you check out the video of the event and then I’ll break it down from my perspective. (If the sound doesn’t work just hit refresh. I don’t know why it’s doing that.)


So he didn’t want me on comms for this. The reason he gave me was that too many voices would probably be confusing, but I’m sure it was more likely that he didn’t want an unknown quantity who may be a mouth-breather or might resort to calling people ‘fags’ in the heat of the moment on the stream of a mainstream gaming media company. That’s fine, but it did make our life a bit more difficult.


He landed in the mining op and pointed, as we had discussed earlier, an Orca and a Hulk. He didn’t notice the Obelisk sitting beside him and that’s when I decided to bring in my backup shooter to help him out and make sure that Obelisk didn’t get away.


With the Hulk down, we moved on to the Orca. We offered a ransom, but the Orca pilot didn’t seem interested in paying, so we painfully and slowly wore the Orca down before snatching it from the sky.


I started working on the Obelisk while typing at him that he should help me kill the thing. I’m told streaming takes some amount of concentration, so I don’t blame him for being a bit slow to catch on, but he eventually… targetted Wescro’s osprey.


I was watching the stream at this point and frantically telling him that he had the wrong ship targeted, but he didn’t seem to catch it, turned off his safety and shot Wescro, causing some amount of Concord interest in our operation. As Wes had his safeties set to red as well, he caught some police interest from repping the now-criminal that was shooting him.


That left just me on the field by myself, trying to kill the freighter. I had just gotten him into structure when a drake landed and, as I no longer had any support, squashed my cormorant like a bug.


Still, though, 20m in losses and about 1b killed is a victory, so I’ll take it.


I sat my pod in a safespot as I went to do other things with my day, as I often do. My reasoning is that if I lose it I don’t especially care and sometimes I get to use that opportunity to do something else excellent, which it turned out was the case today.


So, after playing on some other characters and eating a meal, I checked this character to find he was still alive. Idly, I checked dscan only to see… another mining op.


Full of self-named ships.


Of valid targets.


With a rush that’s was characterized by a sudden dialtion of the pupils, increased heart rate and a sudden and uncontrollable grin, I called out to the Undesirables to see if anyone could help me with a quick spot of logi and I started working to deliver myself another ship.


In about twenty minutes it all came together, with the overly-sufficient number of four logi coming to help my destroyer kill a mining up. I warped in and, sure enough, there was a mining op, including the freighter we had failed to kill earlier and a brand new Orca piloted by the exact same person whose Orca we had killed not four hours earlier.


With glee I mashed at the keyboard and mouse until I had the Orca and the Freighter pointed and got to work.


And then, ever so slowly (seriously, it took way longer than usual), I crushed the freighter into a cube.


While they had talked somewhat of mustering a defence fleet, it never arrived and all my logi support was unnecessary. There was a bit of bluster and crying, but I neglected to save it at the time and it was somewhat mediocre, so I’ll just leave you with the video and the killmails to keep you company instead.


Interesting post-script: The freighter was named after the pilot who had just lost the two Orcas, implying that the freighter was his alt, or the it was his freighter but on loan to a corpmate. Neat how stuff like that works out, huh?

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  1. Kainotomiu Ronuken permalink

    For someone who spends a lot of time awoxing and supporting the New Order himself, Wescro gets a hilariously large number of blog posts where he gets griefed himself.

  2. Ahaha it’s cute how bad at eve he was, dragging ammo to his launchers from his cargohold and stuff

  3. Malcolm permalink

    I feel bad for Mike.. but that was funny. Even funnier than the first time I neutral rep’d someone and some how ended up repping his target instead. Luckily the guy I was supposed to be helping was laughing when he had to warp off.

  4. PlayerName permalink

    There was an Obelisk on the field and he didn’t point it 😦

  5. LOL Wescro is space famous! I remember the first time Ralph Vynneve mentioned him – he was bumping New Order agents and decided he wanted to try suicide ganking with us. I was distrustful and suggested not to allow him in, but was overruled. I have since had the privilege of sharing many suicide ganks and awoxes with him!

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