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New site!

by on April 12, 2013

Hey dudes, I got some actual hosting, so from now on you can read me over at


I’d just make this site automatically redirect to that one, but apparently WordPress wants money to do that, so screw that plan.


Also, I made a forum with the intent that dudes in our lifestyle can hang out and do the words thing as well as awnser newbro questions and whatnot.  I will warn you that my intent with the forums is not to spend the whole time defending my lifestyle.  I’m fine doing that, but it can get tiresome, so I’ll be moderating posts like that and we can do that song and dance over on the Eve-O forums instead.


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  1. you know who permalink

    shouldn’t leave your name in the registrar Ryan Bartlett

    • morristron permalink

      I’m public since I ran for CSM. If someone decides to harass me in real life I just call the cops like any normal person who gets harassed. I’m not worried.

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