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by on November 28, 2015

geddonHi there. It’s been a long time. came and went. We had some great times, told some great stories, and then a lot of members of the community went inactive, Psychotic Monk and myself among them. All the content was lost when the hosting expired a year ago. So here I am, returning to this free site and wishing we’d archived our stuff.

I never intended to come back to Eve. CCP was nerfing every attempt at emergent gameplay (that hasn’t changed).  I’d turned into a bittervet, grumbling at every change that didn’t suit me and watching our community numbers dwindle. Then out of nowhere, I got a message from Monk telling me he was taking another shot at the game and that I should join him.

Big tease that he is, Monk didn’t stick around. But I decided to give something different a try: join a random industrial corporation and turn them to the dark side. I was only mildly successful in that respect, but an incoming wardec cemented my re-addiction. The aggressors lost 1.4 billion isk to our 117 million, most of which was me jumping the gun to tackle a Dominix in my Malediction and dying before backup could bail me out of my own trigger-happy stupidity.

A month later, a member of the much-smaller Belligerent Undesirables comments that The Skunkworks had wardecced a corporation he had an alt in. After two years, SKNK. was moving. It took me a bit to find out who was behind the wheel, but I jumped corp as fast as I could. 54 minutes after joining, I logged a modest kill.

Fast forward to last night. I was in Gallente space stalking a retriever that seemed to possess a remarkable ability to dock every time I got within five jumps when a corpmate spotted a wartarget in a Vindicator. I knew I’d need to reship from my interceptor for that fight, so I decided to finish my hunt before grabbing something bigger. Meanwhile, the target was spotted in a Navy Mega moving toward Amarr.

I got the retriever and his pod. Six minutes later, the guys killed the Navy Mega.

We knew he still had the Vindicator nearby. It looked like he was moving ships to a new incursion. We started watching the pipe and sure enough, he was spotted in a Rattlesnake. A mishap on a gate led to him getting spooked and docking in Sarum Prime. We got the bright idea of having the two guys who had previously shot him log off. I sat in my Armageddon on the Amarr gate, and sure enough he came right to me. The Rattlesnake died a noble death.

So The Skunkworks is back in business, and Belligerent Undesirables is getting new life. Some old names have shown up in the past few weeks. But we need new blood, too. The content creators of highsec are still out there. We just need to get them talking to each other again.

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  1. I never thought I’d see a revival of BU. Sounds like there is nothing for it but to drop everything and help make this happen. It’s a shame that they nerfed us into the ground but whatever – there are always more ways for creative, determined griefers to wreak havoc on high security space.

  2. Michaellaneous permalink

    Hey. While your name doesn’t sound familiar – which is probably my fault – I flew with Monk for 2 years. It has been a great time, and I wondered today what actually became of BU.

    If you are willing to stick around and maybe get another thing going so I have some stories to tell again, then…sure. Let’s blow up some pubbies.

  3. Don Purple permalink

    I support this product and or service!!
    I am taking a much needed break at the moment but I will be back to help you out.

    Good luck

  4. MechaJeb Kerman permalink

    Amazing blog. content isn’t lost though, it is still in the web archive. Not sure if it’s missing something, but a good read nevertheless.

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