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Fun With Killrights

by on November 30, 2015
























Short post today to recap a recent event that kept me occupied before joining SKNK.


Prior to rejoining The Skunkworks, I spent a month trying to find ways to generate my own content. One experiment that yielded some modest success was putting alts in Iteron Mk Vs with decent T1 tanks and afk autopiloting them all over the place. What I learned is the empty holds and decent (but dirt-cheap) fittings deterred serious gankers like our friends in CODE., but got several casual gankers. The most notable was a pair of corpmates. I found one of them scanning in a Proteus a few days later:

Which led to this baffling conversation:

FloppieTheBanjoClown > failganking my empty hauler alt? bad idea.
Gankerboy > police dont kill assholes anymore?
FloppieTheBanjoClown > You should learn how killrights work.
Gankerboy > i see
Gankerboy > youre pissed
Gankerboy > because you lost more than me
FloppieTheBanjoClown > you shot an empty hauler.
Gankerboy > im back at my ship if you wanna finish what you started
Gankerboy > the proteus isnt even mine
FloppieTheBanjoClown > “Didn’t want that ship anyway.”
Gankerboy > i didnt even lose money
Gankerboy > i made it form the insurance
FloppieTheBanjoClown > On a proteus?
Gankerboy > its not even my ship
Gankerboy > i made money from you killing me
Gankerboy > hahah
Gankerboy > plus
Gankerboy > you failed to kill my pod
Gankerboy > which has like 200 mill of implants
Gankerboy > you’re dumb

He later (because of course I stumbled across him again) insisted that he didn’t lose skill points when the Proteus exploded, and warned me that his “boss” was hunting me and would certainly destroy me.

The one constant of Eve is that most of its players lack knowledge of fundamental mechanics of the game. So long as they remain willfully ignorant, we’ll find creative ways to blow them up.

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