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The 13-Minute War

by on December 1, 2015

orthrusTwo days ago I decided to dec all of the Warouh system. Our war with STEV corp was producing some opportunities to kill things there, and I was seeing other corporate mining fleets in the system. For 24 hours, I watched the system and threw wardecs at every corporation with an orca-based mining fleet.

The last declaration I issued was to a corporation called STARATELY. The war was scheduled to go live at 05:13 game time. Here’s a play-by-play of how it unfolded.

04:33: I announce that I have eyes on an Orca and three Mackinaws mining shortly before the war is set to start.

04:40: The decision was made for all three of us to move toward Warouh on the chance this fleet would still be in space in half an hour. As three guys are attempting to take down four ships, I refit to have two scrams and a disruptor. The two scrams would be insurance against core stabs on the Orca. I state that I’ll be tackling the Orca and one other Mackinaw, leaving my corpmates one Mack each. We pick our targets and have a plan in place.

04:44: The entire fleet unexpectedly logs off. So much for plans, right? Mining drones and an MTU are left in space. We decided the best approach would be to jump into the system and log off in the belt in the hopes he’ll return.

04:54: All three of us have logged off. All three of our alts were cloaked in the belt waiting for something to log back in.

05:07: The Orca logs in first. Every minute or so after that, a Mackinaw logs in. We watched the slowest multiboxer ever start Orca boosts and tediously launch drones and start mining lasers.

05:13: We check the info pages for both corporations to confirm the war is live. We check the grid to ensure everything is where we expect it to be and nothing is aligning. There’s a “3…2…1…” over comms, and a few seconds later we’re all on grid and frantically pointing things.

05:14-05:20: This time period is best expressed like an old Batman episode:

Boom!   Pow!   Bang!   Wham!   Zap!   Crash!   Splat!

05:29: The war ends, as STARATELY closes for good.

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