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Dear Good Guys

by on January 6, 2016

I’ve long characterized the role of Belligerents as being the drivers of player-made content in hisec. I wrote this in 2013:

What stories do highsec carebears have to tell? “Hey, you guys remember that time we ran that incursion and shot the Sanshas? No, the 107th time. Yeah, that was great!” How about “I’ll never forget the time my agent gave me Angels Extravaganza twice in an hour,” or “Yeah, I’ll never forget the first time I mined in a mackinaw. It was amazing!” No? But I bet they can tell you about the first time they got ganked. Or the first time they killed a ninja salvager. I’ll never forget my first war and the lessons I learned from it.

Belligerent Undesirables create the stories of highsec. We are the bad guys those white knights desperately need to take them beyond the “what now” endgame of shiny PVE ships and wallet balances.

In today’s meta, there’s probably no greater example of hisec content than CODE. People talk about them, rage about them, cheer them on, and most importantly they react to them. Playstyles change when CODE. is around. The Crime & Punishment forum has several threads started by people seeking to oppose CODE. I believe that demonstrates that ganking is one game activity that is well-balanced and working properly. The nerfs that my ganker friends bemoan seem to have brought us to a reasonable equilibrium where the white knights feel they have an opportunity to fight back and disrupt CODE. Conflict like that is what will keep people interested in playing Eve. The balance that exists in the current mechanics needs to stay right where it is.


I’m going to step away from my usual audience of criminals and thieves and griefers and speak to the white knights now. Guys, welcome to the party. I sincerely applaud all of you who have the tenacity to put up a fight. I’m not talking about the ones who just sit around shooting criminals after a gank target is lost; I’m speaking to those players who are actively looking for ways to foil ganks. Keep it up, even when you fail. Innovate. Work together, talk to each other, learn the mechanics of Eve so well you know every little trick CODE. can pull…and then figure out how to stop it. Don’t give in, because we all know that CODE. won’t.

High sec was never meant to be 100% safe. Get that idea out of your head. CONCORD is punishment, not protection. If you want New Eden to be safer, it’s up to you to make that happen. So keep doing what you do, white knights. Oppose CODE. and all the rest of the bad guys in Eve. Force us to get creative and adapt, and we’ll do the same for you. Only good things can come from it. At the end of the day, you’ll have done something new and different.

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  1. Paul Clavet permalink

    I’m Paul Clavet, and I approve this message.

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