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Surprisingly Interesting POS Bashes

by on February 12, 2016


In my previous post I mentioned that I’ve been doing a lot POS bashing. I also linked a pair of Hulk kills made on a war that was supposed to just be for POS loot and lamented the fact that I was unable to kill the accompanying Orca. This particularly determined afk miner replaced his Hulks with a pair of Skiffs and returned to mining a few days later. Knowing that my little Vexor wouldn’t be able to take the Orca down before the Skiff pilots could return with guns, I broke out my trusty Armageddon.

This was my third run at this guy. He’d already lost a half billion isk. He knew I was hunting him. I want you to understand all that when I say this: I made a 60 AU warp in a battleship, and the Orca had zero velocity when I pointed him. That battleship is a tanky beast and had no problem simply ignoring the Myrmidons that attempted to rescue the Orca. They fled shortly before the Orca died.

A few days later, I learned via Karma Bad of an out-of-fuel POS that was in need of smashing. I scouted it, saw 14 pinatas, and declared war. 24 hours later (and two days ago) I turned up and had a little party. Only one module contained anything. The corporate hangar array had a little fuel in it.

20160211 - loot

Okay, a lot of fuel. That’s about a billion isk. It’s a good thing I recently stole a freighter (read my previous post). I had to make three trips with an Orca just to get it into a station. This was a profitable war.

And then yesterday I see a member of the owning alliance log in. I take my watch lists seriously. Even when I’m reasonably certain an entire corporation is inactive, I add them just in case. A quick locate told me he was in the same system as the POS I’d recently shot.

Assuming he was fueling the POS, I sent a scout to have a look. Sure enough the POS was fueled. There he sat in an orca, unanchoring the hardeners. Once those were all packed away, he docked and returned with a Sigil. This he used to unanchor a gun, bring it inside the POS shield, and deploy it so the Orca could safely scoop inside the shield. After a while I guess this got to be too tedious, and he docked and returned with the Orca, which then flew out of the shield and began unanchoring guns.

You all know what came next. I position my alt for a warpin and land 20 km away. I immediately applied a solid bump (while shooting him) to ensure he couldn’t reach the POS shield. The results are predictable. Two Orcas in seven days, and all I expected to shoot was a few arrays.

Today, I found the Sigil back at the POS. It was down to a bare tower and he’d just pulled the fuel to put it offline. After watching him make several trips to unload the excessive amount of fuel he loaded (old habit, I suppose) he docked for half an hour before returning to start the POS unanchoring.

Once I saw the timer, I brought my Orca alt into system and cloaked it 175 km off the tower. At two minutes, my main entered from an adjacent system. I landed on the tower to find a neutral Impel idling. A quick bump from my Orthrus cleared the way for the Orca to decloak, warp in, and…

20160211 - loot 2

It’s been a good day.

Oh, and this morning I dropped three new POS bashing decs. Shortly before Operation Grand Theft Tower, I get a private chat from a member of one of the targets.

Simias Bastard > ima collect that bounty on your head tomorrow


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