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The Things You Find Scouting POS

by on March 5, 2016


In my ongoing effort to beat every space pinata I can find, I occasionally stumble across interesting things. Sometimes it’s a corporation that will put up a fight. Sometimes it’s astonishing quantities of something you don’t expect to find in a POS. Sometimes…

Two days ago I was looking for a fresh round of wardecs. I’d gotten all the loot and fights I was going to get from my current lot, and I went back to scouting for buried treasure. One particular such find was just two jumps out from Jita. A couple of assembly arrays on the scan, nothing special–until I land and see that the shield is down and there’s an Obelisk sitting in space.

I logged in my freighter pilot that I’d trained specifically to fly the Fenrir I stole recently. A quick purchase of a skill injector and all the freighter and industrial skills I needed, and my pilot could take any freighter I stumbled across. The Obelisk was mine, and I declared three wars. Those wars netted me another 1.5 billion isk, mostly in minerals and 33 researched fuel block BPOs that I pulled out of a single assembly array. The Obelisk was immediately useful.

Tonight, I was back to roaming about and probing. I’ve seen my new wartargets log in and out again quickly, but not long enough to undock. I jumped my scout into a dead-end system and dropped probes. After a minute or two of scanning, I noticed that the Raven Navy Issue that was on the gate when I arrived was still there. Curious, I did a quick scan and got these results. Some Pyfa checking  told me that this thing had 45k EHP tops, as its modules weren’t cycling. Also, his shields were under 50%.

I broadcast for ganks in BU and minerbumping, but it’s hard to pull a group together this late. I was just about give up on the idea when he warped away. This year-old character flying a billion-isk RNI might be tempted with a suspect cruiser, so I scanned him down and made the attempt in a Stratios (because that’s what I had nearby). I was completely ignored. He’d launched a handful of T1 drones, and had ten other T1 drones abandoned in the deadspace. Hoping to provoke him, I set about scooping the drones. His shields were steadily dropping. This poor guy couldn’t tank his mission.

When his shields were almost gone, he warped back to the gate. I finished scoooping his abandoned drones and returned to the acceleration gate. I dropped them in a can, renamed it to “your drones” and sat 10 km away under cloak. If he wouldn’t shoot a suspect, perhaps he’d go suspect to retrieve his lost drones. He sat on gate until his shield recovered–odd, since he could have docked  in the local station and returned immediately–and then warped back to the deadspace. He ignored the can and jumped straight back into the action. I followed him in.

This time, he didn’t launch any drones. I paid more attention, and I realized he wasn’t running his hardeners or boosters, either. This RNI was going into its mission space, failing to start its tank, and attempting to launch drones. I realized I was watching a bot at work. When it warped away this time, I left to grab a different ship. I got back just in time for the Raven to warp to its mission yet again. I followed.

In the deadspace, I moved to 30km above him and watched. When his shield hit 25%, my Stabber Fleet Issue hit him at over 5km/s. Two more solid bumps and the Raven exploded.


I’ve reported my new friend as a bot. His donation to the Belligerent Undesirables boredom relief fund prior to the inevitable ban is most appreciated.

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