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In Which I Occupy A Constellation

by on March 31, 2016

The Watch List turned into the Buddy List overnight not too long ago. The merc alliances responded by taking issued hundreds of wardecs to ensure an abundance of targets. This approach has never suited me, so I opted to try something different. I decided to take over a constellation.

My choice of which systems to occupy was made for me when I stumbled across the bot nest in Umokka. I chose to remain in the Karnola constellation, watching the local traffic and being selective about my wardecs. The goal was to impose my will upon all the systems, forcing the locals to either leave the area or change how they play the game.

I started out slow. Some mild suspect baiting, bumping, and generally being an annoyance. Rather than indiscriminately issuing wardecs to everything I saw, I waited until I’d seen more than one member of the corp in the constellation within at least three days. The first few wardecs only yielded a Caracal kill.

Meanwhile I reactivated a corporation I’d set up years ago for ganking. Styling them as eco-terrorists out to protect the natural splendors of New Eden, they set about destroying as much as possible in New Eden. The corporation’s killboard should tell you all you need to know. Here’s a summary of the campaign:

1 Tayra
2 Badgers (that were mining together in a belt)
10 Retrievers
1 Covetor
7 Capsules
1 Venture
1 Mackinaw

While I was entertaining myself with ganking and generally disrupting everything BUT the mission bots in these systems, I noticed a criminal in local. Curious as to what he’d done, I checked zkill and found this loss to CONCORD. “Well that’s a special kind of stupid. I think I’ll shoot that guy.”

The wardec went live, and I found my new friend flying a Barghest. Locates revealed that his corpmates had retreated to a highsec island 30+ jumps away, through 8 jumps of lowsec. I guess they heard that we’re afraid of lowsec.

Okay, maybe we aren’t. I showed up in their little corner of the universe and killed the only thing I could find in space. I’d already found their POS with a scout. They decided to dismantle the POS, I assume because of the high volume of POS module kills in my history. I logged in to find them 15 minutes from unanchoring. Fortunately, there was an Iteron on the local market. A hearty bump to the neutral scooping Orca and the small Amarr tower was mine.

As I wasn’t terribly interested in trying to haul it to market across lowsec, I joked in local that I had one for sale. One of the two neutral characters responded, and we negotiated a price at about 85% Jita prices. To recap: I stole a tower from a wartarget and sold it to someone else while they watched from the safety of a station hangar. Oh, and while I was out there I wardecced and demolished two derelict POS. These wardecs don’t (always) pay for themselves.

Two days later, a newly joined member of the corporation was waiting for me back in Umokka when I logged in some scouts. After 30 minutes of idling in station, he undocked almost immediately when I logged in and jumped to the next system in a Hyperion. Sensing a trap, I went anyway. It didn’t go well for me: RIP Stratios. I made some mistakes in that fight and should have escaped at least once, but I can live with the loss balanced against that Barghest. Unfortunately, real life decided to assert itself rather heavily over the past week, and by the time I was able to click the Eve icon again the war had lapsed and I was unable to seek retribution. Still, it was a fun war.

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  1. Rob Thompson permalink

    Nice little tale Floppie! Look forward to the next. As a ‘solo’ deccer, do you have a set of 2 or 3 ships which are decent all-rounders, or is the stratios a tried and trusted favourite?

    • I have several ships I switch between. The Stratios is probably my all-around favorite cruiser for hunting. It’s got a solid buffer tank, can pack a lot of neut power, and has the versatility of using drones to deal damage.

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