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Another Occupation, Another War

by on April 8, 2016

gnosis orca wreck

The Karnola constellation got boring. The miners that didn’t evacuate switched to skiffs and procurers, the bots wouldn’t stay in a corp, and the other resident corps either docked up or left. With little left to do, I decided to move to another part of Lonetrek and check out the local action there. I selected Haurala for its lower sec status and proximity to Jita.

Not finding much in the way of corporations to dec right away, I set about moving NEAPS operations and ganking the miners I found in the 0.5 systems. Two Mackinaws, two Hulks (one of each of those flown by the same character, 14 hours apart), a Covetor and three capsules are the tally so far. I also learned a couple of hard lessons, losing a squad of catalysts in a failed gank and another two to faction police while I figured out how to keep two squads bouncing while I got guns grouped, loaded, and overheated on six criminal alts.

Little side note/rant here: CCP should really give us the ability to group all weapons in the fitting screen, as well as a way to configure the HUD without undocking.

One gank that stood out to me was this Hulk kill. It was mining with corpmates in an Orca and Procurer in a belt, with an MTU feeding the Orca. I did the math on the fit and fleeted up three catalysts. Along with this, I brought along my salvage Orca and jumped in my favorite Legion.

On landing, the Catalysts immediately opened up on the Hulk. The pod died, too. Meanwhile my Legion was shooting the MTU, as I knew it would likely scoop the loot while I was handling other accounts. The multiboxer must have frozen up when I took down the Hulk, because I popped the MTU before the Orca could scoop it. The Orca tractored in wrecks and salvaged everything while I went suspect and loaded the fleet hangar from yellow wrecks and jetcans.

The next day, the Hulk pilot was back in a Skiff. Not wanting to put too much pressure on them, I decided to give them some breathing room. I looted a derelict POS while I waited. I was actually surprised to find just the one. On the morning of April 2, I put in a wardec on the corp. Just after downtime, with an hour left before the war started, the mining fleet undocked and evacuated the systems I’d been lurking in for days. I paced them with a pair of alts for a total of seven jumps, where they immediately set about mining in an ice belt.

After a 26 AU warp to the ice belt, I found all three targets still at 0 velocity. I landed three points, webbed the Skiff, and started chewing on the Procurer first.


Pechuga > все висят и смотрят)) вот спасибо за помощь)


Pechuga> all sit and stare)) Well, thank you for your help)

After crashing that party, the Orca pilot never logged in again during the war. Some other members of the corp spent some time online, but only long enough to move around in a shuttle or otherwise be elusive. It seems they opted to pay CCP to do nothing for a week.

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  1. Jordan permalink

    You can shift click and drag guns onto each other in the fitting window to make groups

  2. Hold shift and drag the unloaded weapons fitted in the high slots on top of each other to group them.

  3. Keep it up, bub 😀

  4. SelfRighteous permalink

    Good to see the B.U. “community” is “back”.

  5. SelfRighteous permalink

    Speaking of paying folks to do nothing for a while…

    Good to see B.U. is “back” and “active” in EVE. For a second there, I figured you’d all grown up and gotten tired of being toss-pots to the general EVE population. Good to see that hasnt happened, with your seven month long “content creation” draught.

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